Research Optics and Microscopy Engineer

The candidate will be work with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and researchers to develop proof-of-concept prototyping all the way to manufacturing and will be involved in all development stages including instrument design, fabrication, and characterization. They will contribute to the integration of the devices into laser systems and spectroscopic instrumentation and ensure that the designs and manufacturing techniques will result in final products that will meet certain specifications. Please click on Linkedin link below for full position details. To apply, please send your resume/CV and any relevant materials to

Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

Postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Rohit Bhargava directly via email to inquire about our openings.

Graduate Research Opportunities

Our group is inviting undergraduate and graduate students to apply for MS/PhD thesis openings in the areas of: (a) Development of next generation laser-based infrared and Raman microscopes with the in-house design of optics, opto-electronics, mechanics, and software; (b) Machine vision & edge computing for real-time analytics in healthcare environments; (c) 3D printing for tissue engineering and materials synthesis. Incoming and/or interested graduates are encouraged to browse our group webpage or recent publications, and contact Prof. Rohit Bhargava directly via email (and should attach their resume, work sample, and unofficial UG/GRAD transcripts) to inquire about any position and project openings.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Our group is inviting highly motivated undergraduates to join our research team. As an undergraduate, you will get to interact with a team of engineers from a wide variety of different engineering backgrounds and work in cutting edge areas involving: optics, opto-electronics, 3-D printing, microscopy, machine vision and edge computing. Design tasks will be tailored to the student's skills and interests and may relate to optics, software engineering, electronics and mechanical design. Please contact Prof. Rohit Bhargava directly via email. Please attach your resume and any relevant coursework or project work/GitHub to inquire about any position/project openings.